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The word “person” in legal terminology is perceived as a general word, which normally includes in its scope a variety of entities other than human...

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the Phoenicians used, and it appears in the Rhodesian Codes as well. Generally .... your Internal Revenue Service's 1040 form, as I will explain later on. What is ..... the uncomfortable tensions and frictions of society that always follow in the ...

named Citizen does not have and/or refuses to disclose a social security number. This Right is protected under the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth ...

into common law versus Admiralty law, and its attendant natural persons .... commerce under Admiralty law and the UCC (Universal Commercial Code). America.

will lose the game by not standing up for your rights, but you will have .... this rare breed, you probably don't need any legal counselors with you in ...... committed to a statutory jurisdiction, and there is no such thing, not to mention no offici

NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS LAW. MEMORY AID ... Commercial Law – Val Feria, Mina Herrera, Gary Mallari & Rachel Ramos ... alternative or in succession.

(Modern Money Mechanics – page 3). ... Party Creditor, you may have standing to discharge the fine, fee, tax or debt .... #1 - SAMPLE DRAFT COVER LETTER.

During the year of 1938 the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. all declared bankruptcy. If you try to look up the 1938 minutes, you ...

Jan 28, 2002 - the Corporate America was free to use as much of this paper .... securities issued against monies held by the banking families. ... Financial Conference dated July 22, 1944, and deposited in the ..... One of the reference books obtaine

Harshavardhan Dave and Pratima H. Dave. Michael C. Hammer (P41705). C/o 5128 Echo Road. Ryan O. Lawlor (P64693). Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.

LAW OF ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER § 102 (1998) .... 39 (NY 1892), Richardson v Passumpsic Sav Bank, 13 A 2d 184, 186 (Vt ... The Federal Deposit Insurance Act defines “deposit” for assessment and insurance purposes as obligations ... one reason w